American Airlines New Express Seats

Don’t you just love American Airlines PR spin on their "newest product under its Your ChoiceSM line”? What a joke. They try and make their new Express Seats is actually a plus to customers. What do they think we are idiots? With Express Seats travelers can now purchase seats in the first few rows of Coach including bulkhead seats which used to be free. Those who spend the money which begins at $19 per flight, with pricing based on distance also get to board with Group 1 of General Boarding.

Express Seats are available to be purchased only via airport Self-Service Check-In machines anytime from 24 hours to 50 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure for travel wholly within the United States, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Here are some examples of introductory prices for Express Seats on popular American Airlines routes:

· $19 for St. Louis to Chicago O’Hare

· $29 for San Francisco to Dallas/Fort Worth

· $29 for Boston to Chicago O’Hare

· $39 for New York JFK to Los Angeles

· $39 for Chicago O’Hare to Honolulu

For more information about the Your Choice program and Express Seats, visit

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American Airlines New Express Seats
American Airlines New Express Seats
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