British Airways Strike Info

Unite, the British Airways Cabin Crew union announced today that it will take industrial action commencing March 20th through March 22nd and again commencing on March 27th through March 30th.

BA expects to announce a flying schedule around five days in advance of the first strike date. The Airline has temporarily stopped selling seats on all flights operating on the above dates.

In the event the strikes occur:

1) Flights from London City (LCY) to and from New York (JFK) will operate as normal

2) All longhaul flights to and from London Gatwick (LGW) will continue to operate normally

3) For all other flights from London Heathrow (LHR) and short-haul London Gatwick (LGW), until BA finalizes it’s flying schedule, passengers booked to travel March 19th through March 31st, 2010 have the choice of rebooking or cancelling and obtaining a refund

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British Airways Strike Info
British Airways Strike Info
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