Cousin Marie Scofield

From Phoenix I flew back to Los Angeles on Southwest and was supposed to fly straight to JFK on Delta to attend the funeral of my great cousin Marie later that day in Connecticut. Marie died last week at the age of 91. She was a very special person and reminded me a lot of my mom (they were best friends as well as cousins).

Unfortunately, Marie didn't have any kids of her own and her husband died years ago so she was home alone most of the time. My cousin Karen took care of her like she was her own mother and I used to call her at least once a week to check in and always sent postcards from wherever I went. She got a huge kick out of them and always carried them to the hospital to show the nurses as they filled her up with chemo.

I felt so guilty not getting on the plane but I was coming down with a cold and exhausted so I thought it was best for everyone if I stayed home. That evening my cousin Ray—who is probably the most eloquent writer I know—sent me an email with the subject line: You were there believe me. The body of the email read: "Today at Marie's service you were mentioned like you were her one and only son. You kept her alive, you took her places she never dreamed of, and because of you she is always going to be remembered as the little person who filled the room and the world with love and laughter! Please know you were in her heart bigger than any place you have ever visited." This has to be one of the nicest emails I've ever received, which is why I felt compelled to share it. I hope you keep Marie in your prayers.
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Cousin Marie Scofield
Cousin Marie Scofield
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