LAX-JFK On United

I just landed in New York after taking United Airlines’ flight 22 from LAX. We took off at 9am and arrived a few minutes early at 4:50pm. Woo hoo!

When I checked in online the day before to print my boarding pass, United tried upselling me on accruing miles even though I was using miles to begin with! It would have been enticing if they counted towards elite status but I don’t think they did. Here’s the screenshot. The offer was this: For $74, they would give me 2,475 award miles. For $149 they would deposit 4,950 award miles into my account.

The next screen was the option to be put on the volunteer list in case United oversold the flight. I chose yes to see how much they would give me but they didn’t need any volunteers in the end. Remember: If you volunteer your seat, always take cash vouchers and not a free roundtrip coupon since the latter has all kinds of restrictions.

On the way to the gate, Tia Carerra (from Wayne’s World) walked by me wearing oversized sunglasses. If she hadn’t been wearing the sunglasses, I probably wouldn’t have noticed her. Not very incognito Tia … or maybe she didn’t want to be. Either way, she sure is purty.

As always, I brought chocolates for the flight attendants but right from the get-go I got the vibe they weren’t very friendly … and they weren’t. So I’ll give them to the next crew or eat them myself.

Don’t drink a lot of liquid before getting on the plane. I made the mistake of having two bottles of water and when we were rolling down the runway … and guess who got the urge? Worse, the pilots didn’t turn off the seatbelt sign for 53 minutes. Yes, I counted since I thought I was going to pop. Worse still, the flight attendants were adamant on passengers staying in their seats, made numerous announcements and shooed people from the aisles.

There was no Wi-Fi on the plane even though United advertises they have it on their P.S. Service (LAX/SFO to JFK) and there were even GoGo Internet instruction cards in each seatback advertising the service. Needless to say, this got me pretty excited when we boarded. However, when the ding went off (at 10,000 feet), there was no signal and when I asked the flight attendant, she said that this plane doesn’t have wireless access. She said that only three planes have it so far.

Overall, the flight was bumpy most of the way and it was packed. Flight time was four hours and 56 minutes and there were a ton of foreigners (mostly Chinese) who didn’t speak English so it was funny to see them react to the flight attendants when they tried using the loo in turbulence. On the P.S. service, United Airlines has five extra inches of legroom in economy, which still felt tight but it was key in allowing me to work on my laptop and pass the time.

United Airlines does sell food on board so if you don’t bring your own, be sure to bring a credit or debit card since they don’t take cash. I had a yogurt parfait for $5 and it hit the spot.

Go Yankees!
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LAX-JFK On United
LAX-JFK On United
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