WEBSITE OF THE DAY: is new travel website that probably does the best job at finding out if any of your business or personal contacts will be in the same place at the same time as you. But it requires you to upload either all your frequent flier/hotel/car loyalty numbers and their passwords or your sign-ins to airline websites, online travel agencies, hotel and car rental websites ONE time using Traxo's centralized dashboard. In return, Traxo will create itineraries, alerting you if your plans overlap with your any of your contacts to avoid missed connections. You will never have to manually enter trip details or constantly forward travel confirmation emails to create a trip itinerary - Traxo will compile it all for you. What's unique is that if a trip is cancelled or modified, Traxo automatically makes the update(s). It also has an area to write reviews so you can easily seek advice from your trusted friends (you can automatically upload your Facebook or address book contacts) that have been to a destination before. This must make the folks at those review sites shake in their boots since on their sites, you don't know who is telling the truth or not.
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