A few weeks ago, I wrote about SeV's incredible clothing line that's perfect for travelers since all of their apparel has multiple (like 28) hidden pockets and built-in wires . It's perfect to thwart thieves. I bring it up because the owner of the company, Scott Jordan, sent me a video message via email to thank me for the business my write-up drove to their website; it's always nice to know people take my advice. This was the first time I've ever received a video message so I tooled around the website that he sent it through and I found a goldmine.

    Tokbox is a free service and users don't have to register to play inbound messages. However, if you want to be able to send them yourself (messages can be up to 10 minutes in length!) or have a video chat with up to 20 friends, you'll need to spend about 30 seconds to register. It's all free and as far as I can tell, there are no annoying ads. All they want is your name, email address and age. Then, voila! You're good to go. Once I logged on, I watched a two-minute video demonstration, which was helpful and then I started inviting my friends to sign up so we can chat. TIP:: It's better when everyone uses headphones so you don't get a lot of background noise. So for those days you don't feel like typing, do what Scott Jordan does and send a video email message. I would send you one right now but I'm working in bed on my laptop (as I do every morning) and I haven't combed my hair or put on my clothes yet.
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