Twitter Conference L.A.

What a crazy day I had yesterday! I was up early (6:40am) and drove up to the Skirball Center which is a small conference facility near the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. I was there for the140: Twitter Conference L.A.” ( Speakers included Biz Stone (Founder of Twitter), LeVar Burton, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Tony Hawk, The Iron Sheik, Tucker Max, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (He called in via Skype – lame, I know), Tyrese, Guy Kawasaki, Loni Love iJustine, iJustine, @Adventure Girl and many others including Tony Robbins who spoke today! The conference was limited to just over 400 attendees so it was nice and intimate.

However, my day got weird when I went to the Romance Marketplace at The Beverly Hills Hotel put on by Destinations Wedding Magazine ( The event was great but when I was waiting for the valet I saw a man with a huge camera -- hmm… I thought it was bizarre security let Paparazzi onto hotel property. But it turned out he wasn’t the Pap when his shiny new Mercedes pulled up and a tall beautiful blonde wearing a skimpy dress jumped in. Two minutes later as I was pulling out on to busy Sunset Avenue I saw the guy taking pictures of the girl next to the BH Hotel sign. I knew something was up by the girl’s mischievous look and sure enough she lifted her skirt up for a more interesting shot. She was completely naked so she must’ve been a port star doing a risqué photo shoot – only in L.A.

Later I went back to the conference to see the celebrity panel and see who their surprise guest was. It turned out to be Pee Wee Frickin’ Herman! He showed up to make his first tweet ever—how crazy is that? For play by play of tweets from conference attendees – including mine log on to Twitter and search #140TC or click this

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Twitter Conference L.A.
Twitter Conference L.A.
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