FEATURED STORY: Czech Republic: Prague

Czech Republic: Prague
A vacation in Prague and Karlovy Vary can provide something for everyone.
By Ramona Zacharias

You know when you build a place up in your imagination, so much so that when you actually go there, it can't possibly be as incredible as you imagined? Well, that is definitely not the case with Prague. Not only did this stunning city meet all my expectations, it repeatedly exceeded them over the few days I spent there. Walking down one cobblestone street, I would swear I'd never seen such a striking scene; that is, until I turned the corner and took a look down the next alleyway. Faced with an overwhelming number of possibilities and a relatively short period of time, we were lucky to have a fantastic tour guide who could steer us in the right direction. Read on...
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FEATURED STORY: Czech Republic: Prague
FEATURED STORY: Czech Republic: Prague
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