Mugged in Barcelona
Tips to help you travel safe.
By Cynthia Cunniff White

Recently, I had an experience in Barcelona, Spain that I think is worth sharing. My husband and I had put together an amazing three-city tour – Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona. After a terrific 10 days of travel, we were headed home to Los Angeles. We left our rented apartment in the Gothic area of Barcelona in the wee hours, 4:30am. Like many of the very old buildings in that area, the main entryway had an enormous iron gate for safety. I woke up, peered into the darkness and felt quite vulnerable at the thought of trekking, with all our belongings, a good five blocks to the cab area. I’d lived in Europe for a good portion of my life and have always been a traveler, and believe that following instincts never makes you stupid – I know it’s due to this belief that I have never before had an incident like I’m about to describe. Read on...
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