Hamilton Island Update!

If you’re following me on Twitter, then you know I’m on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays. Hamilton is the jumping off point for much of the Great Barrier Reef and it’s really like a fairy tale. It’s lush, quaint, has lorikeets and cockatoos flying around and everyone drives electric buggies (except workmen). The only thing I don’t like about this island is that they don’t recycle. But hopefully, that will all change when Ben Southall, the island’s new caretaker begins what Tourism Queensland bills as the Best Job in the World next week (July 1st). Ben beat out 35,000 applicants to earn the highly coveted six-month gig with a salary of about $100,000 USD.

Yesterday, I drove by Ben’s new luxurious three-bedroom villa (pictured above) with sweeping views that he will be sharing with his Canadian girlfriend Bre. Be sure to keep up with his adventures as he explores the islands of the Great Barrier Reef through a blog and video diaries. You can learn more about Ben on his current (blog) and follow his Queensland journey at IslandReefJob.com.

BTW: I just checked fares on V Australia. I flew down on V Australia last week and absolutely loved it! They're offering – get this – roundtrip fares for $721! That’s incredible and the 14-hour flight is a piece of cake as their crew and entertainment systems are amazing.
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Hamilton Island Update!
Hamilton Island Update!
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