GUEST BLOG: Scott McMurren's Alaska!

Here in Alaska, we have a different definition of "Spring". We typically do not see bikini-clad babes on the beach. Rather, we relish the idea of longer days as the sun reaches higher in the sky and our 24-hour daylight inches closer. During March, each subsequent day increases by six or seven minutes.

The temperatures also climb. Last week, it was a virtual heat wave in
Fairbanks--23 degrees ABOVE zero. It was a perfect day to check out the World Ice Carving Championships at the Ice Alaska park in Fairbanks. There are several divisions, including single-block, multi- block, amateur and kids' divisions. There are carving teams from the U.S., Norway, Russia, China, Japan and Canada. The carvers also develop a "kids park" where there are slides and mazes constructed entirely of ice.

This is just one of the fun activities for those of us who live in the frozen. north. But we get cold, too. So we go to Chena Hot Springs, a local resort 60 miles from downtown. One attraction there is an "Ice Hotel". The entire structure is made of ice: the beds, the furniture and even some chandeliers. I snapped a photo here of some life-sized jousters--sitting about seven feet tall on their ice horses.

Everything was carved by the husband-wife team of Steven and Heather Brice. We're still editing the video from yesterday's trip and I will ping you when it's up at! Above, I'm sipping an "Appletini" served up in an ice glass, at an ice bar. Notice the jousters in the back.
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GUEST BLOG: Scott McMurren's Alaska!
GUEST BLOG: Scott McMurren's Alaska!
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