Are you an Internet junkie like me? Does it irk you to sometimes have to pay outrageous broadband fees in hotels? (I paid $40 one night!) Or even worse, do you hate being in a plush airline lounge reserved for premium passengers and have to pay $9.99 for just an hour’s worth of WiFi? If you can relate then listen up. A new company called will alleviate all those aggravations and then some.

Although, RovAir targets the occasional business traveler, their service is good for any high-speed lover looking for Internet access wherever cell service is available. RovAir allows users to get one of those cool wireless cards from either Sprint or Verizon without having to pay the $60 monthly fee, the taxes, the activation fees, the price of the equipment and worst of all, the two-year contract. Depending on the length of the rental and the number of cards ordered (they actually get a lot of companies needing multiple cards), their prices vary from $5.95 (30-60 days) per day to $14.95 (3-6 days) per day.

It may seem extravagant but if you add up what it would cost in a hotel and airport and factor in the frustrations when your email won’t send, then it’s a bargain. A huge added bonus is that customers can use it anywhere in the U.S. (where there’s cell service available). In fact, just last week I uploaded a video to YouTube from the bus on my way to the MGM Grand in Connecticut and right now I’m on a train making the surrounding passengers jealous. It can be used in a coffee shop, at the park, at the beach, by the pool or at your yearly house rental … think freedom! Did you know that more than 50% of all vacation homes don’t have WiFi?

The service isn’t as fast as a T1 connection but if you just need to download emails, use Skype and surf the Internet, it works well 95% of the time. You can be online 24/7 and it won’t cost extra unless you go over 1GB of data on a weekly (pro-rated to daily or monthly) basis. But to reach that level you’d have to be streaming a significant amount of video (ahem, porn). The bad news is that it doesn’t work internationally and one minute it’s cruising and the next it’s slow even when you’re in the same spot. It all depends on the cell connection but you can see how many bars of service you’ve got, just like on cell phones. What makes this a no brainer is that ordering and set up is as easy as can be. It takes one minute and they ship it overnight with a return label so there’s no hassle. Happy surfing!
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